Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for April

Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for AprilGetty | Margie Rischiotto

Add These Dates to your G-Cal:

  • April 1: Mercury Retrograde in Aries

  • April 5: Venus enters Aries

  • April 8: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

  • April 19: Sun enters Taurus

  • April 21: Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

  • April 23: Full Moon in Scorpio

  • April 25: Mercury Retrograde ends in Aries

  • April 29: Venus enters Taurus

  • April 30: Mars enters Aries

Happy birthday, Aries! It’s your season and you’re the main character! Aries season is the start of the astrological new year and your yearly cosmic reset. The next few weeks are an aligned time to experiment with your style, initiate new projects, and chase after your goals with that fearless Aries attitude. Once Taurus season begins mid-month, you’re ready to think about the steps necessary to bring your goals to fruition.

The month starts off on a cosmic downer—Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke—it’s the cosmos encouraging you to slow down, which can be extra challenging for you! The next few weeks will invite you to reconsider your current objectives. You may feel called to reinvent yourself or find yourself losing interest in a goal you’ve had for some time. Exes and people from your past may also reappear for some closure.

Creative ideas infiltrate your dream world on April 3 when Venus in Pisces links up with Neptune in Pisces. Inspiration can find you when you engage in meditative practices and work with your subconscious. This is a productive day for healing and letting go of what you cannot control. Venus, the planet of love and blessings, moves into your sign on April 5. The next few weeks add magnetism and glamour to your aesthetic, and others are drawn to you. You may learn promising news regarding a personal goal. Singles have a higher chance of finding a spring fling!

You’re ready to begin again on April 8 when a New Moon solar eclipse in your sign takes place. This can be a sensitive but encouraging time as you release old versions of yourself and create space for your authentic desires to bloom. The seeds you plant today will bloom six months from now under the Full Moon in Aries on October 17. Lead with courage and confidence and go after what you desire.

Frustration and setbacks feel heavier on April 10 when Mars and Saturn, the two most challenging planets in the sky, meet up in Pisces. This marks a fresh cycle of your personal willpower, commitment, and stamina. You may become more aware of your own self-defeating behaviors, limiting beliefs, and patterns. Setting boundaries and cutting ties can be key for maintaining your wellbeing.

You’re feeling more confident about where you’re headed on April 11 when the Sun and Mercury, both in Aries, meet at the same point in the sky. This marks the halfway point of your Mercury Retrograde journey, and you’re gaining clarity about which priorities and goals truly matter. If people from your past have re-entered your life, you’re ready to make a decision on whether or not they should stay there.

The Sun changes signs and moves into steadfast Taurus on April 19, bringing your focus to your practical needs. This Taurus season, you're focused on career and comfort. Over the coming weeks, recognition for your hard work may arrive—you may be up for a promotion or raise. This is also the time to get back on track with your budget and make new financial goals and commitments. A little indulging never hurts, and 'tis the season to treat yourself. On the same day, good news arrives when Mercury and Venus, both in Aries, meet the same point in the sky. You may make progress on a personal goal or just be showered in compliments. You're irresistible!

Major shifts take place regarding your personal resources on April 21 when Jupiter and Uranus sync up in Taurus. You could be hitting a windfall (hello, lottery ticket) or have to make a sudden important purchase. Your relationship with your sense of security and self-confidence also undergoes rapid changes. You may be ready to kick that scarcity mindset to the curb once and for all!

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A Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the sky on April 23, putting the emphasis on your financial world. You could be wrapping up an obligation, contract, or paying down some debt. Emotionally, you’re severing ties with situations, people, and expectations that no longer serve you. Forward momentum begins to pick up on April 25 when Mercury Retrograde in Aries ends! The misunderstandings slowly start to clear and you’re feeling inspired to charge ahead. You may also be debuting a new look or taking on a new title. Venus, the planet of harmony and ease, moves into Taurus on April 29, bringing blessings to your resources. News about a raise, new contracts, or financial opportunities may be piling up in your inbox. Your skills are in high demand, and your bank account could benefit.

The month ends with Mars, the planet of action and anger, moving into your sign on April 30. The next few weeks lend you the courage and momentum to pursue your goals and set boundaries with anything or anyone who gets in the way. You have the drive to focus on your physical body, whether it’s starting a new workout regime or working on your sleep schedule. You’re feeling sure of yourself—go Aries!

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