Arianie stands by husband Hattan over recent controversy



3 May – Arianie Abidin, wife of rock singer Hattan recently expressed her frustration over the backlash with regard to the previous controversy, where her husband was accused of humiliating a news anchor during a live broadcast.

Expressing her thoughts on Instagram Story, Arianie stated that she was asked to explain the situation by some netizens, but that she decided not to as whatever she said will just be taken as a statement of defence by a wife.

"It's okay. I will just keep it to myself. Only the family and I know the real him," she added.

She also stated that the decision to lock Hattan's Instagram account was hers, as she was the one who uploads videos and photos to the singer's account.

"It brought me to tears to read the comments. But as a wife, I have to be strong. I will always stand behind my husband no matter what. Good or bad, he is my husband. May we all learn a lesson. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes," she said.

Arianie also revealed that Hattan has been receiving lots of threatening messages on social media following the incident.

Hattan sparked netizens' wrath recently, after the singer, who was contacted during a live news broadcast to talk about the passing of XPDC's vocalist Syed Ismail Syed Ibrahim aka Mael, reprimanded the news anchor for supposedly not being prepared instead before turning off the line.

The National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJ) had since demanded the singer to apologise, stating that media workers are not reality show participants that can be shamed in public.


News anchor Nur Syazwani had asked netizens not to further prolong the issue
News anchor Nur Syazwani had asked netizens not to further prolong the issue


(Photo Source: Arianie Abidin IG, Nur Syazwani IG)