Arci Munoz cherishes JM de Guzman's friendship

Heidi Hsia

2 Jul – Although they have known each other for a long time, Arci Munoz admitted that she doesn't see JM de Guzman as more than friends because of their closeness.

As reported on Push, the actress who spoke to Toni Gonzaga on her online talk show, "I Feel U" alongside de Guzman recently, stated that nothing is worth risking their friendship, which has been established since their college days at the University of the Philippines.

"I am very comfortable with JM. It's like, I could never hide anything from him. Whenever I feel bad, he is the first person I call besides my family," she said.

On the other hand, de Guzman admitted that he had a crush on the actress once back when they were younger, but that it had never gone beyond that.

"I was a college student. My dad was strict. I didn't even think about having a boyfriend," Munoz chimed in.

As to why the two of them remain best of friends, de Guzman said that Munoz is the kind of person who is always honest with him.

"She will always be there to lead me back to the good," he added.

As for Munoz, the actress said that her "Pamilya Ko" co-star makes her life easier and bearable.