Archie Kao stars in Ruby Lin's "My Boy"

3 Jun - It was revealed that American actor Archie Kao is set to star in the upcoming Ruby Lin production, "My Boy".

As reported on CTI TV, the actor, who has been expanding his acting career in Asia for the last three years, shared that he will play a boss of an advertising company who is linked to Ruby's character.

The actor, who is still learning to communicate in Chinese, shared that his script will have three versions - one in original Chinese, another in English, and the third one being the Pinyin version that will help him with the phonetics.

"The language would be my greatest challenge. I embarrass myself with my attempt to speak Chinese almost every day," he admitted.

Married to Chinese actress Zhou Xun, the actor was also asked if Zhou will be visiting him while he is filming in Taiwan. However, Archie, whose marriage with the top star was marred previously by rumours of impending divorce, responded that he is uncertain about her schedule.

On the other hand, when asked why the actor was chosen for the role, Ruby, who is both the producer and lead actress in the drama, laughed and said that Archie has the bad boy attraction that is required for the movie.

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