'Aphrodite' on 'King of Mask Singer' found out to be Lee Soo Young

Kim Dong-Joo
'Aphrodite' on 'King of Mask Singer' found out to be Lee Soo Young

'Aphrodite' on 'King of Mask Singer' was found out to be Lee Soo Young.

December 20th broadcast of MBC 'King of Mask Singer' showed Cats Girl and new participants competing against each other for the 19th 'Music King' title.

Aphrodite and Fish Cake were advanced to the second round together, and they each sang The One's 'Dear Love' and Lee Moon Se's 'Gwanghwamun Sonata.'

Fish Cake was advanced to the third round, defeating Aphrodite, and Aphrodite was found out to be none other than Lee Soo Young.

Meanwhile, Cats Girl became the 19th 'Music King' on this week's 'King of Mask Singer.'

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