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ANNOUNCEMENT: Winners of the S$500 Amazon gift cards Black Friday 2022 giveaway

Amazon BF giveaway winners announcement (Photo: Amazon)
Amazon BF giveaway winners announcement (Photo: Amazon)

SINGAPORE - How does your Christmas wishlist look like if you have a S$500 Amazon Gift Card to spend? In the lead-up to Black Friday 2022, Yahoo and Amazon held a giveaway, for two readers with valid Yahoo email addresses, to walk away with a S$500 Amazon Gift card each. All they need to do is to answer one question.

The Yahoo Shopping team received many heartfelt entries this time round. Interestingly, we noticed recurring patterns on the items people wished for, and have collated the top seven items people want to buy.

  1. Playstation 5

  2. Lego sets

  3. Apple products

  4. Nintendo Switch

  5. New phones

  6. Kindle Oasis

  7. Massage chairs

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Entries that made us chuckle

While we regret not being able to offer more prizes for the winners, here are honorary mentions to the ones who touched our hearts with their answers.


"An air purifier for my daughter, she loves doing art and craft. But hand-grinding the edges of the items creates airborne dust which is bad for the lungs, even with mask on. Hope with the gift card, we can buy one for her as Christmas present."


"Massage machine for my mum. She has aches and pains from all the hard work to raise us!"


"Firstly, I would use S$250 on to buy Christmas gifts for my mother and father. I would use $125 for my mother and the other $125 for my father. Secondly, I would use $100 on Adidas for my brother's Christmas gift as he likes to shop on Adidas. Lastly, I would use the remaining S$150 on keyboards and computer mouse for my own Christmas present as I tend to use alot of computer and I also like keyboards. In summary, I will use this $500 on for gifts towards myself and my family. Thank you for reading and hopefully I win this S$500 gift card !!! 🙏🙏🙏"


"My dream KitchenAid stand mixer, because then I can finally fulfil my ultimate dream of being a ‘professional home baker’ and be able to make all sorts of beautiful cakes & desserts for all my friends & family, using this gorgeous mixer! 🥰"


"I will definitely buy skincare for myself and my mum because we want to look
[Y]outhful &
[A]ttractive this Christmas and beyond!
My mum and I want to achieve
[H]ealthy glowing skin that will
[O]utshine the rest & feel
[O]n top of this world!
Thank you Yahoo!"


"I would buy a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition as I am an absolute avid reader of books. However, I find that some of the volumes I have read (and intend to read) are absolutely massive in size. One of them being "Churchill: Walking with Destiny" by Andrew Roberts - over 1000 pages long! Talk about risking back injury...HAH. Or the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes. I still vividly remember lugging first edition releases of the Heroes of Olympus books back in Secondary school where each book was the size of an encyclopedia. Suffice to say, I'm pretty sure I could have knocked someone out cold with a swing of it! Now, instead of carrying a mountain of books, I can read my novels easily at the simple touch of a button. Plus I don't need to worry about it getting spoiled from accidental spills (or my wet hands) when engrossed in a story as I enjoy a nice bowl of Sliced Fish Soup with a glass of Ice Lemon Tea at my local hawker centre. After all, the Kindle e-reader is waterproof! I doubt I'd bring it along with my to the beach though, since then the Kindle would be too distracting. I'd probably dive into a novel instead of diving into the water - not exactly enjoying the moment there yes? And the wrong kind of diving too...

'To improve is to change, to perfect is to change often' said Winston Churchill. Well, guess I'm changing my reading experience for the better then! Granted, I'd still buy physical volumes since there is something unique about the experience of flipping to a new page. Ooohh, I plan to get my younger brother 2 books:
Atomic Habits & Phil Knight's (creator of Nike) biography. My brother is a tad bit of a sneakerhead and I hope that these 2 books will be able to provide some form of guidance to him on living his life better, and spend less time on Mobile Legends (he is Mythic already for crying out loud). I view books as an instrument for passing on wisdom and the titles I've suggested are merely stepping stones to getting him back into the wonders of reading. Maybe I'll even get him a Kindle of his own down the line if he rediscovers his thirst for a good story.

With the remainder, I hope to snag a pair of
Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless earbuds for my mom. She has been using a pair of pretty dated JBL tune 125 TWS earbuds which whilst they work fine, they in no way sound as good as they could be. Plus, she had bought me a pair of Sony WF-1000XM3s (which I absolutely adore to this day) as a birthday present a while ago and I think this could be an opportunity for me to return the gesture to her delight. I think it's only fair that we both get to enjoy an awesome sound experience from top audio companies. Who knows, maybe we could swap earbuds once in a while to experience the different sound signatures of Sony versus Sennheiser? I know I'd bug her just to let me try it on anyway."

And finally, let us congratulate the following two winners! Winners will be contacted via email.


It’s that time of the year again
Where presents are bought and given all day
It’s Christmas and I wish for one big gift
Secret Santa please hear my drift
I need to get hold of this station
It’s not my workstation but a
It’s always been on my wishlist
But no one has been able to
fulfil this wish
I’m praying for Yahoo and Amazon to hear my wish
So that I can have a wonderful Christmas
in bliss!


The effects of inflation of super real and the annual pay raise do not tally with the super high inflation we are all experiencing. But merrymaking we all must do, which means Xmas gifting is all the more painful or meaningful, depending on how we look at it. With 6 nieces and nephews for me to buy gifts that they really like, this S$500 giveaway is definitely a godsend! I will be SUPER grateful to Yahoo & Amazon for this wonderful Gift. Here’s what I have in mind for the kids: An e-reader, a bike, a skateboard, a pink crystal, a sparkling bracelet, & a sling bag will make me the coolest uncle on earth! Please let me win!

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