Anna Ueyama's daughter wants to be a model

16 Jun - Hilary, daughter of former actress Anna Ueyama, admitted that she is interested in being a full-time model, although it would not be something she would pursue in the near future.

As reported on Mingpao, the 20-year-old who inherited her mother's good looks, recently appeared at a bfashion event, where she was asked if she would follow Anna's footsteps and join showbiz.

"I have to finish my studies first," said Hilary. "I have two more years to study. I am interested in fashion, hopefully I can go into modeling."

When asked if she has discussed a future in showbiz with her uncle, Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung, Hilary responded, "We would only see each other during family gatherings. We don't talk about this."

Actress Anna Ueyama was previously one of TVB's lead actresses in the past, alongside stars such as Carina Lau, Margie Tsang, and Sandra Ng. However, she had since retired and is now working in insurance.

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