Anna Iriyama assures safety following earthquake

22 Sep – Former AKB48 member Anna Iriyama recently assured that she is fine, following the earthquake that occurred in Mexico earlier this week.

As reported on Tokyo Sports, the singer-actress, who was in Mexico City during the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that hit the central Pacific coast on 19 September, took to Twitter following the incident and asked if everyone is doing well.

"I live in Mexico City and felt a strong tremor, but there was no damage such as a building collapsing. The power was out for a while, but it's back to normal now. I pray for everyone's safety."

She also added, "It's September 19th again..."

The date refers to the 1985 and 2017 events in which earthquakes of magnitude 8.0 and 7.1 killed hundreds of people in Mexico, making many wonder whether the date is cursed.

In another post, this time in Spanish, Anna stated that she is fine and was at home instead of at her class that day.

Anna assures she is doing well
Anna assures she is doing well

(Photo Source: Anna Iriyama Instagram)