Angeline Tan joins CNY drama, "My Sweet Tangerine Lover"

9 Nov - Angeline Tan (also known as Ardini) is set to star in the upcoming 8TV mini Lunar New Year series, "My Sweet Tangerine Lover".

The actress, who recently tied the knot to fellow actor Sabri Yunus, recently made her appearance at the press conference of the drama, where she explained that the reason why she rarely does Chinese series was due to fewer opportunities that came her way to do so.

"Actually, I like working in Chinese dramas, but because I rarely get it, my Chinese pronunciation is also getting more difficult," she said.

Angeline also stated that as part of the older generation of actors, she would only have the opportunity to meet up with her fellow actors when they have work together.

"Otherwise, we wouldn't even have the chance to meet. So we took the advantage of work to meet up with friends," she added.

The upcoming series is set to be aired on 6 January 2024. It co-stars Jordan Sen, Sherlyn Seo, and Orange Tan among others.

Angeline recently tied the knot with Sabri Yunus
Angeline recently tied the knot with Sabri Yunus

(Photo Source: Angeline Tan IG, Kwong Wah)