Angel Locsin perplexed over people trying to buy her fan pages

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

22 Jul – Following Bea Alonzo's earlier post questioning why are there people trying to buy her fan pages, Angel Locsin recently revealed that she is also experiencing the same issue.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress posted screenshots of people asking to buy her fan pages, writing, "After reading Bea's post about people buying accounts, this is also happening to me. You be the judge."

"What's happening?" she added.

Alonzo previously shared several messages similar to the ones posted by Locsin on Instagram Story.

She wrote, "Had to post this. Woke up to these messages from my supporters. I wonder why these people would offer to buy these accounts all of a sudden? For what?"

Alonzo also added that she heard from some other fan groups of different ABS-CBN artistes that they also received the same offer.

It is noted that there are cases of people buying fan pages to use them as a platform to not only promote their own agenda, but also scam followers out of their money.

(Photo Source: Angel Locsin Instagram)