Andy Zhang denies all allegations of infidelity

29 Apr – After keeping mum about the issue for some time, Chinese actor Andy Zhang recently released a statement in response to previous cheating allegations.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor's studio released a statement on Weibo to counter the allegation that he was having an affair with his manager Bi Ying, which sparked last month, when several photos released by the media showed the latter going in and out of his hotel room in different clothes.

His studio stressed that the photos were a result of malicious editing, and that any meeting they had was strictly business.

As for reports that Bi Ying was spotted holding a pregnancy test in her hand as she left his hotel room, the studio clarified that she was actually holding the key card to the said room.

Andy claimed that Bi Ying would sometimes enters his room at odd hours because he - as an artiste - would often work long into the night.

In regard to rumours that Bi Ying had worked together with Andy to transfer his shared assets to a separate account and leave wife Catherine Hung with nothing, the studio stressed that there is no truth to the rumours at all as Catherine handles all their assets.

He also denied the authenticity of a personal Weibo account allegedly belonging to Bi Ying, in which the user lamented about being a mistress. Andy stated that his manager doesn't have a separate Weibo account other than the one she uses for work.

The studio then added that they have compiled all these allegations against Andy and filed a lawsuit with the Beijing court.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)