Andy Lau's company warns fans of fake website and AI use

4 Mar - Andy Lau's film company Focus Group has released two statements to warn fans not to fall victim to scams using the actor's name.

As reported on Oriental Daily, on 1 March, the company stated that some irresponsible parties have been creating a fake website using Andy's name and likeness to invite fans into becoming members.

The company said that the website deliberately imitated and plagiarised the design and content of Andy's original website. The statement also severely condemns and warns relevant parties to immediately stop its infringing activities, remove and delete all infringing content including related infringing materials, and not publish any relevant false information on any other online platform.

Soon after, it released another statement regarding the use of AI by some parties to emulate Andy's voice and posting it on social media platforms without authorisation.

The company stated that the action is seriously infringing on Andy's rights and can be considered as fraud.

Andy Lau stars in 'The Movie Emperor'
Andy Lau stars in 'The Movie Emperor'

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fanpage IG)