Andy Lau releases new version of song "Gongxi Fa Cai"

7 Feb – Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has recently re-released his past Lunar New Year hit, "Gongxi Fa Cai" to celebrate this year's festival.

As reported on Mingpao, the original song, which was released in the spring of 2005, was a big hit among fans and is still considered one of the most played Lunar New Year songs every single year.

Thus, Andy recently retitled the song "Gongxi Fa Cai Wu Fu Lai", and revamped it with new lyrics, sound and music video as a gift to his fans for the Lunar New Year.

It is also stated that the "Wu Fu Lai" (Five Blessings) addition to the title is to signify the importance of understanding what is a blessing - a concept that Andy fully understand not just because of his role as a family man, but also after what he went through following his horse-riding accident back in January 2017.

The new music video, which has been released on 31 January, features a group of child performers lip-syncing and dancing to the song.

(Photo Source: Nownews)