Andy Lau explains absence from Lin Chi-ling's wedding

26 Nov – Andy Lau jokingly called Lin Chi-ling "petty" after the actress decided not to invite him to her recent wedding in Tainan.

As reported on Mingpao, the Hong Kong superstar, who became friends with the Taiwanese actress after working together in the 2013 movie, "Switch", shared light-heartedly on a mainland programme that the actress has now changed and declined to have him at her reception despite him asking.

"I called her up and asked why, and she jested that everybody's attention will be on me if I came and nobody would care about her," he said, inviting laughter from the people in the show.

It is noted that Lin did not invite a lot of celebrity guests to her small wedding last week, which was held at the Tainan Art Museum.

Among those who were invited include good pal Dee Hsu and husband Mike Hsu, Yuan Hong and wife Zhang Xinyi, Taiwanese personality Nancy Kou, and TV hosts Mickey Huang and Chang Hsiao-yen.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)