Ana Raffali wants you to use "Sir" correctly

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3 Nov - Annoyed by the wrong usage of the title Sir by Malaysians, singer Ana Raffali recently took to Twitter to rectify it, only to find herself being criticised by fellow countrymen who'd rather not be told.

The singer, who is also an English teacher in a private school, decided to remark on the misunderstanding on the said social media platform, after realising that a lot of people, usually students, would use the word "Sir" in front of a male teacher's name, instead of addressing them by "Mr" or their alternative title.

"Please stop the use of Sir (insert first name here) in addressing male teachers or lecturers unless they have been knighted by the Queen of England... please." she tweeted.

She later added, "For example, have a great day, sir! (correct). Have a great day, Sir Ahmad! (wrong)."

However, there were some netizens who refused to take the advice, and instead blasted Ana, saying that they don't need the approval of native speakers on how to use it, and that it is a respectful way to talk to a learned person. Some even criticised the singer for supposedly being elitist by the usage.

Ana later responded, "If you disagree with me just because you're so used to using it and refuse to repair this misconception then please live your life blissfully. When someone from the UK asks you: 'Why are there so many people who received a knighthood in Malaysia?' I hope you think of me fondly."

It would seem that many Malaysians have received a knighthood from the Queen of England
It would seem that many Malaysians have received a knighthood from the Queen of England

(Photo Source: Ana Raffali Instagram)

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