Amylea Azizan announces marriage to Singaporean firefighter

29 Nov - Amylea Azizan surprised many recently by revealing that she has tied the knot with her non-showbiz boyfriend, Mohammad Aqbar or known as Ash.

On 27 November, the singer-songwriter posted a nuptial photo of her with her newly-wedded husband taken in her hometown in Kedah, and wrote, "I waited for you all my life. Thank you for bringing peace into my heart. As a gift, a song specially written for you. [Coming soon]"

In another post, she shared a series of photos from the same background of the paddy field, and wrote, "Thanks for making me feel special."

Speaking about the wedding, Amylea revealed that the ceremony was held privately at her family home in Sungai Petani, and that she received a dowry of RM8,888, which she said symbolises their infinite love.

"My husband and I got to know each other via social media a few months ago. After finding comfort in our friendship, he went on and popped the question, saying that he decided to do so after doing the istikharah prayer. He then went on to meet my family," she said.

The couple wedded in Kedah
The couple wedded in Kedah

Amylea also admitted that Ash, who is a firefighter in Singapore, made her feel at peace. However, she admitted that they will have to be in a long-distance marriage for the time being due to his job.

The singer will also be releasing a new single next month called "Panji Putih Buat Pangeran" that she wrote for her husband.

(Photo Source: Amylea Azizan IG)