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Chocolate Pie, Zinger Mozzarella and more – new fast foods to eat in Singapore this March

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Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore
(Photo: KFC Singapore)

Singaporeans are serious about their food – and even more so when it comes to fast food, with the new Chocolate Pie from McDonald’s making headlines and KFC’s Zinger Mozzarella Burger generating buzz on social media.

Here’s a quick look at all the new meals, desserts and side orders you need to munch on this month.

1. Chocolate pie from McDonald’s

McDonald’s Chocolate Pie. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Starting the list with the most-hyped-about new addition to the fast food world is the Chocolate Pie, which was first launched in South Korea before photos of the crunchy dessert with molten chocolate filling began to “ooze” into people’s Instagram feeds.

Priced at $1.40 each, this flaky dessert is the chocolate sibling to the popular Apple Pie. It even shares the similar flaky texture, greasy smell and size.

The dessert has overshadowed the chain’s new offerings consisting of Fish and Fries and a Sweet Chilli Mayo Burger.

Here’s what the Yahoo Singapore team thinks of it:

2. Thai Milk Tea ice creams from McDonald’s

Thai Milk Tea ice cream. (Photo: McDonald’s Singapore)

The same fast food chain that got us gaga over the Chocolate Pie is offering yet another sweet treat that taps our love for everything Thai milk tea.

Available at McDonald’s dessert kiosks, the new range of ice creams consists of a Thai Milk Tea Hot Fudge Sundae and Thai Milk Tea ice cream cones, which come in three forms: The “chococone”, the regular cone, and the “twist” cone.

Thai Milk Tea Hot Fudge Sundae. (Photo: McDonald’s Singapore)

3. Zinger Mozzarella Burger from KFC

Zinger Mozzarella Burger Meal. (Photo: KFC Singapore)

The much-loved burger from KFC has just gotten an upgrade. The Zinger Burger is now available with stretchy mozzarella cheese and crispy turkey bacon. The fried chicken patty is also topped with pizza tomato sauce.

A meal is priced from $8.80 each and comes with spicy potato bites and a drink.

4. Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger from MOS Burger

Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger. (Photo: MOS Burger)

The Japanese fast food chain is offering a new burger with a South Asian twist, which you can enjoy with its signature rice patty or buns.

The Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger is priced from $4.75 with rice patties and $4.25 with bread buns.

5. Buffalo Chicken from Subway

New Buffalo Chicken. (Photo: Subway Singapore)

After halting pork options at its stores, sandwich chain Subway has introduced a new option for its customers. The Buffalo Chicken, made up of tender chicken breasts with buttery hot sauce, is priced from $5.90 for a meal.

6. Golden Floss Chick’n/Fish ’N Crisp burgers from Burger King

Golden Floss Chick’n/Fish ’N Crisp burgers. (Photo: Burger King)

We’ve never seen a burger as awkwardly shaped as this. Burger King’s newest options give a “golden” touch to its crisp burgers, which comes with chicken or fish, by adding a scoop of floss on top of its bun.

Each is priced around $7.80 for a meal.

7. Nasi Lemak Curry Puff from Old Chang Kee

Nasi Lemak Chicken’O from Old Chang Kee. (Photo: Instagram/Old Chang Kee Singapore)

Following up on the recent Singaporean craze for all things nasi lemak (coconut-flavoured rice served with various chili-laced condiments) comes this loaded pastry puff, available from 1 March at all Old Chang Kee counters. Stuffed with egg, chicken, peanuts, ikan bilis and sambal, it costs only marginally more than the ubiquitous Curry O puff.


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