American-Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara stars in Coach campaign with her sister DJ Yuka

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Kiko Mizuhara (left) photographed with her sister Yuka Mizuhara for Coach. (PHOTO: Coach)
Kiko Mizuhara (left) photographed with her sister Yuka Mizuhara for Coach. (PHOTO: Coach)

If we could celebrate one thing about 2020, it would be ‘family’ - as it’s our relationships with our loved ones that matter the most. In that sense of togetherness, Coach introduces their Family campaign starring bigwigs like Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, as well as ambassadors Kiko Mizuhara and Jeremy Lin.

The Fall 2020 campaign gives us an intimate look at what modern families around the world look like, including American-Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara, who appears alongside her sister, DJ-model Yuka and her cats Chiccho and Bambi.

Mizuhara is well-known in Japan for her free-spirited persona and taking risks in pushing traditional Japanese boundaries. Her appearance on Netflix’s Queer Eye sealed her rise to international fame. She is also extremely close to her younger sister, and they often turn up at fashion events together.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has forced Mizuhara to stay back in Japan as photoshoots or filming works have been cancelled.

It’s during this unprecedented time that the model managed to slow down and appreciate the time she has with her family members. Mizuhara shared with Yahoo Lifestyle SEA that while she’s seen a lot of sad news that makes her anxious, she realised that this pandemic has “brought our family very close together.”

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“My mother, sister and I spent a lot of time together at home, and we had more opportunities to do many things together. In that sense, the bond between us has deepened, so I think it was a great opportunity. I’m very grateful for the fact that if this (lockdown) hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have been able to have this kind of time,” Mizuhara added.

When we check in with her on how she practises family routine, Mizuhara said they mostly have breakfast or lunch together. Netflix is also an option, but each of them would do something else on their own. “Then, after dinner, we all go to the sauna together,” she shared.

If duty calls, and should she had to pick between family or work, Mizuhara said both are important to her, but she will “definitely put family first.”

“Often, my work colleagues are like my family members, so it’s difficult to distinguish. I’m wishful to have my own family one day, and a warm family would be nice,” she said.

Besides family and togetherness, the Coach campaign will also spotlight key bags and footwear from the house’s Fall 2020 collection, including the Tabby Shoulder Bag in Signature, the Rivington Belt Bag, and the CitySole Mid Top, the newest Coach CitySole sneaker.