Amelia Henderson: Aedy Ashraf and I are just friends now

14 Jun – Amelia Henderson recently revealed that her relationship with Aedy Ashraf has been relegated to just friends yet again.

The 28-year-old actress and podcaster shared the news in a recent Instagram live, saying that the two of them are not as close as they were before, probably due to their own hectic schedules.

"On personal level, Aedy and I have gone our separate ways, which by the way, we are okay. I have nothing but respect for him. I love him so much which you guys already know," she said.

Amelia said that she believes that Aedy thinks the same of her, and that it's "nothing but support and good vibes, just from the distance."

The two reconciled in April last year after previous breakup
The two reconciled in April last year after previous breakup

"Sometimes things end and not for dramatic reasons, but that the timing wasn't right. I know you are upset about it and I'm sorry, but it's been like that for a long time. We just hadn't released any statements," she added.

Amelia and Aedy became close after working together in the TV series, "Kisah Cinta Kita" in late 2021. Aedy later proposed to Amelia to be his girlfriend, but that the relationship did not last long.

However, back in April last year, the two were seen together again, with Aedy expressing hope that the relationship will be much more serious than in the past.

(Photo Source: Amelia IG)