Amber Rose Is Totally Embracing Her Cellulite

Model Amber Rose (Photo: Getty Images)
Model Amber Rose (Photo: Getty Images)

Model and Wiz Khalifa’s ex Amber Rose is not known for being low-key. The outspoken beauty joined best friend Blac Chyna and a host of celebs — including Jeremy Renner, Martha Stewart, Jason Derulo, and Mindy Kaling — at party in Cannes thrown by the Daily Mail yesterday, and she shared a few thoughts about staying body positive with the publication.

“As women, we all get very self-conscious of our stretch marks and our cellulite and stuff like that, but as long as you know that every single woman in the world has it, you kind of just feel like, ‘Hey, let me just embrace it; this is who we are,’” Rose said.

This is not the first time the mom of one has spoken about how important it is to love and accept yourself. “I like to break people’s balls; that’s fun for me. So when I wear a fishnet dress, I do that on purpose because that’s like a middle finger to everybody,” Rose told Yahoo Style late last year. “It’s like, I’m a mom, I’m a businesswoman, I’m super smart, I’ve traveled. I know exactly what I’m talking about and I don’t care what you have to say. So I’m going to do certain things like that just because I can and it makes me happy.”

Rose also spoke up last week about Taylor Swift’s post-breakup behavior, which has been unfairly and harshly judged. In an interview with the Daily Beast, she slammed those who criticized Swift for rebounding too quickly from her last relationship, saying, “But with Taylor it’s, you know what, I’m done with Calvin [Harris] and it didn’t work out, so on to the next.” said Rose. “It is because it’s unheard of, and she’s acting very ‘slutty’ and for some reason needs time to ‘let her p**** rest.’ That’s how people look at it, and it’s just like, hell no! If I’m done, why do I have to sit in the house and be lonely?”