Check your pets DNA with these affordable kits

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Best cat and dog DNA kits to find out pets genetics
Intrigued to know your pets DNA? These kits will help you learn their breed and any underlying health issues. (Getty Images)

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There is nothing more entertaining than watching your pet while away the hours chasing their tail, or just observing their movements.

While you may think you have your dog, or cat, sussed out, their behaviours may not always match their breed.

Others may be wondering what their pet’s make-up really is, or if they have any underlying health issues, especially if they have been adopted.

There are super easy ways to find out your furry friend’s DNA, without being too invasive.

Cat owners can buy a basic test, which only requires your feline’s saliva to find out more about its genetics.

The Basepaws test comes complete with a swab, which you brush around the inside of their mouth, before sending off to the LA laboratory to be assessed.

Buy it: Cat DNA Test Kit | $99 (£78.93 GBP) from Basepaws

Cat DNA Test Kit
Cat DNA Test Kit

The results will then come back to you within six to nine weeks.

While those living in USA will receive free shipping, for an added cost of $15, which is approximately the equivalent to £12, the company will ship internationally.

For those who want to know more about their pooch, can buy a DNA kit especially for dogs on Amazon for just £55.99.

Wisdom Panel’s 2.0 DNA test has been recognised as the world’s leading DNA test for canines.

This test assesses your pets DNA across a database containing over 350 breeds and varieties.

Similar to the Basepaws creation, Wisdom Panel’s test requires you to take a swab of your dog’s mouth before sending it off, after which you will receive an in-depth report.

The report will include a detailed description of the breed, as well as a three-generation family tree, weight profile and nutrition guidance.

Buy it: Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog DNA test | £55.99 from Amazon

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog DNA test
Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog DNA test

The Wisdom Panel’s test has received glowing reviews from customers, as one praised it for its accuracy, although some have noted some “limitations” in the kit.

They shared: “Spot-on. Correct without any input from us about size or anything.”

Another customer’s review read: “Easy to use DNA test for dogs. Consists of a couple of swabs used for obtaining cells from dog's gums, plus a postage-paid envelope for sending to the laboratory. That done, a few days later (although it can be 2-3 weeks if I remember correctly) details of the dog's ancestry can be accessed through a web-site, together with estimated weight range for the type of dog, and estimated life-expectancy.

“There are some limitations in the database and algorithm, so it may not provide complete information...Very impressed.”