Amazon’s bulk box of 48 Creme Eggs is now on sale for only £16.99

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Now you can bulk buy Creme Eggs at Amazon (Yahoo Style UK)
Now you can bulk buy Creme Eggs at Amazon (Yahoo Style UK)

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If your love for the humble Creme Egg is a year-round thing, you may want to listen up. 

The soft, gooey centre, the thick chocolate shell and the myriad ways to eat them; it’s impossible not to fall hook, line and sinker for the sweet treat.

If you, like us, have fallen under its spell, then you might have also found that the three-egg packs you get in supermarkets only last a few hours (and sometimes not even past the car ride home, depending on how many people accompany you to buy them).

Luckily, in 2020 we discovered that you could buy a box of 48 Creme Eggs for under £20 on Amazon, and turns out, lots of us bought as many as we could physically fit in our cupboards, as the item became unavailable.

So, you can imagine our excitement when, while browsing the online retailer we came across our sugary friend again and with Easter fast approaching, it has now been reduced to only £16.99 - that's a saving of 39%.

With over 7,000 reviews from fellow chocaholics, praising the bumper box for satisfying their cravings and making it easier for them to share with their household without feeling fearful that they’re about to run out, it’s clear that the multi-buy is once again a hit with shoppers.

The only real question now is, where else can you store your usual cupboard essentials to make extra space?

Buy them: Cadbury Creme Egg, Box of 48 | £16.99 (Was £27.84) from Amazon

Cadbury Creme Egg, Box of 48
Cadbury Creme Egg, Box of 48

The bulk box, which usually costs £27 is down to £16.99 - which works out at around 35p per egg - but we're sure it won't be at that price for much longer. 

We've done a bit of research and that's currently a lot cheaper than elsewhere, for example, the same item is on sale at Cadbury Gifts Direct, but is only down to £24.72.

So, whether you want to stock up on a daily snack, or need to prepare the last-minute annual garden Easter egg hunt, this is definitely a buy that's sure to put a smile on your face.

What the reviews say

We know they taste great, but just in case you needed a little extra reassurance.

  • “Absolutely delighted with this bargain purchase.”

  • "Totally Eggsellent value for money! Bought two boxes and sadly now only have three eggs left. Will be back for more. Awesome deal, thank you very much."

  • “Bought these for a present. Great present for someone who loves cream eggs. Fast delivery."

  • “Totally wish I hadn’t bought these. It’s four weeks away from Easter and they’ve all gone. On the plus side they were a bargain so supposed I saved over the long run - and the kids are happy. Now looking to buy another box...”

  • “I was very happy with the item, I purchased it for me and my boyfriend for Easter and he loved it, as much as I did. They are now almost all gone, I got the right amount of eggs and they lasted quite a long while, even though he ate almost always three per day while I kept it at one.”

  • “They taste nicer when you've stored them in the fridge through the entire usage time, but the cream inside is slightly sweeter than it used to be.”

  • "These are great, will save me money throughout Easter."

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