Amar Baharin denies Amyra Rosli is hospitalised for pregnancy

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17 Jan – Actor Amar Baharin has dismissed rumours that wife Amyra Rosli is pregnant again, following reports that she was hospitalised for the last five days.

Speaking to the media about the actress' hospitalisation, the 35-year-old actor stated that the actress actually had a fever caused by bacterial infection in her blood.

"She was having a high fever, and after an examination, we were allowed to go home on the same day. However, her temperature continued to go up, so I decided to take her back to the hospital for treatment," he said.

Amar stated that aside from her high temperature, Amyra also has swollen glands, which made it difficult for her to eat - causing her body to lack the nutrition to fight her condition.

"She also had an ultrasound to get a more detailed result," he added.

As for now, the actress will not be able to resume filming on her new series, "Jangan Menangis Cinta".

"The production has to stop filming since a lot of the scenes involves Amyra. Filming schedule needed to be reshuffled," he explained.

Meanwhile, the actor himself is currently filming his telenovela, "Hati Yang Dikhianati", and has been going back and forth between the set and the hospital to take care of his wife.

Amyra has two adorable kids with hubby Amar
Amyra has two adorable kids with hubby Amar

(Photo Source: Amyra Rosli Instagram)