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Our options for outdoor activities in Singapore may be slightly limited due to our land space, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't try to have a good time outside regardless. Take for example a picnic. It's an underrated way to enjoy a day out, combining two of our favourite things to do: Eating, and spending time with loved ones. 

If we choose the right location, such as under the shaded canopy of Fort Canning Park or the breezy Marina Barrage with a city view, we might even feel like we're overseas.

What do you need for a picnic day out in Singapore? Let this checklist help you. 

1) Picnic Baskets

Picnic Backpack
Picnic Backpack

The quintessential image that comes to mind when anyone says picnic is the expansive picnic baskets. Baskets often come with a large capacity and neat little clasps to keep utensils in place. Some fancier ones even comes with a table top so that you can have have your food ON the basket, while there's even a backpack that's specifically made for picnic pheripherals! 

Canasta Picnic Basket with Lid, $124

Picnic Backpack, $135

Rattan Picnic Basket, $25

2) Picnic Mats

Your picnic mat can determine how insta-worthy your picnic looks
Your picnic mat can determine how insta-worthy your picnic looks

You'll want to be able to sit on the ground comfortably, so a picnic mat is definitely needed. From a thin covering to a waterproof one (in case of wet weather), here are some options to consider. Psst: throw a scarf or light 

Large Picnic Blanket, $13

Waterproof Picnic Mat, $13.50 

Waterproof Foldable Outdoor Mat, from $10.40

3) Portable Serving Dishes/Utensils

Disposable plates, cups, fork & spoons for parties
Disposable plates, cups, fork & spoons for parties

Whether you want to tabao from the nearest hawker centre, order from the many local restaurants, or whip up a feast yourself, you'll need utensils and dishes to serve it!

3pcs Portable Travel Cutlery Set, from $9.40

Disposable Areca Leaf Plates 30-Pack, from $17.20

Disposable plates, cups, fork & spoons for parties, from $4.90

Handmade Bamboo Woven Bug Proof Wicker Basket, $9.78

T2 Jug-A-Lot 1.2L Aqua, $42

Collapsable Charcuterie Board with Cheese Knives, $63.90

4) Peripherals

Folding Chair
Folding Chair

Optional but good to have, keep these in mind when preparing your picnic bag! 

Insect repellant

Folding chair


Wine (wine deals here!)

Wine Opener

Disposable Wineglasses


Now get out there and enjoy the sunny day safely!  

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