All the baby essentials, none of the hassle

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Written By Deborah Giam

Being a parent is daunting enough on its own – here are a few handy tips on what you can do to make life a little easier.

Whether you’re a first-time parent, or someone who’s on to number two, three, or four, getting everything ready and prepped can sometimes take a lot of work. With the age of internet, online shopping and home delivery, here’s our list of what you can easily get on the Internet and delivered to your doorstep, leaving you with more bonding time with the kid(s).

Happy baby, happy Mum!
Happy baby, happy Mum!


Every bottom needs one, from newborns all the way to about three years old (at least). Since diapers are consumed at an alarming rate, it makes sense to order them in bulk and get them delivered to the house, so you won’t need to deal with big packages and all the other groceries at the same time. While you’re at it, grab some diaper cream too – because you’ll definitely be going through these quite a bit too!

Wet Wipes

Every parent has wet wipes, and they’re usually stashed in almost every corner of the house. Whether it’s wipes for bottoms, or antiseptic wipes for hands and mouths, there’s always a need for a wet wipe. This is another one to order in bulk and stash away, so that you’ll always have some with you when you need one. Another handy hint, keep some in your bag and car as well.

Baby Wash

Babies and kids get dirty pretty quick, with all the crawling and running around. Shampoo/body wash is something that seems to disappear as soon as you open a new one. When you find a brand that you love, it’s worthwhile ordering a few bottles just to keep around, so you’re not left with a wet baby and no shampoo to use.

Bottle wash

We’re hesitant to use harsh chemicals to wash baby bottles and pacifiers, so stock up on baby washing liquid, since those can easily be kept for a while too. There’s also the added bonus of not having to carry it back, so you can leave your hands for the more important things.

Formula Milk

Formula milk tins are heavy and bulky, and while you don’t want to order too many (depending on how fast the little one gets through them), it’s worth getting this online and delivered just to save yourself the hassle. Plus, you can stock up on diapers and wipes at the same time, and get most of your essentials stocked up, with none of the hassle!

First Aid Kits

This is probably something you wouldn’t need to do over and over again, but it’s worth getting everything you need at one go when you’re putting together your first-aid kit for the kids. Thermometer, infant paracetamol, nasal aspirators, teething ointments, antiseptic creams, anti-gas tinctures, vapour creams, and plenty of band-aids will probably be what you’ll need to get started.