Ali Lee's co-stars clarify the fate of their new dramas

23 Aug – As rumours of Ali Lee's forced hiatus began circulating online, onscreen partners Wayne Lai and Lai Lok Yi recently shared similar responses to the question regarding their upcoming series.

As reported on HK01, Wayne Lai, who filmed "Death by Zero" (formerly known as "Assassins") with the said actress, admitted that he has no clue as to when the series will air or about the rumours regarding Ali's situation with the company.

"All I know is that it has been sold to a Chinese streaming platform, so it will air simultaneously. It should be very fast," he said.

Meanwhile, the series' producer, Joe Chan, stated that he has not received any notice from TVB about the drama's broadcast and will not comment on it until he gets the word from the top management.

As for Lai Lok Yi, Ali's co-star in "Who Wants a Baby?", the actor confirmed that the sequel has postponed production to February, but only because of scheduling conflicts.

"I haven't heard anything about Ali being replaced," he said.

Rumours of Ali being forced into temporary hiatus by TVB sparked recently, after the actress was accused of supporting Hong Kong's secession from China. She had since clarified the issue, saying that she has never spoken about Hong Kong independence.

(Photo Source: HK01)