Alex Fong injures eyes while practicing for charity swim

19 Sep – Two months left before he is to embark on the 45-kilometre charity swim around the Hong Kong island, and yet Alex Fong is facing one obstacle after another.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor and former professional swimmer recently posted another video, revealing that he was in hospital due to an unknown injury to his eyes.

Said Alex, he was wearing his goggles for a practice swim earlier when suddenly something went into his eyes and caused it to swell.

"The doctor said that he couldn't see anything in my eyes, but that the blood vessels are swollen. I can feel something when I close my eyes, so the doctor will give me some eye drops. I hope it will get better," he said.

Alex also expressed his frustration with the situation as he has been facing one issue after another, including injuries to his hands and feet.

The actor, who previously filmed himself vomiting in the ocean while practising for the charity swim due to nausea, said that the eye problem is a double blow for him. It is noted that many of his peers in the swimming community have already expressed doubt as to his ability to complete the 45-kilometre swim due to his age.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)