Alex Fong admits dating Korean cult victim Maple Yip



6 Mar – After much speculations about his love life, Alex Fong finally admitted that he is now dating anew.

And his new girlfriend is none other than Maple Yip, the same woman who was the alleged sexual assault victim of Jung Myung-Seok, the 77-year-old leader of the sect Jesus Morning Star (JMS) whose story is now a documentary on Netflix.

Admitting it for the first time recently, Alex said that the relationship is still new and that he originally wanted to keep it on the low profile before the media found out about it.

"I have already met her parents, and vice versa. They were worried about me being an artiste and that there would be too many news, so they advised her to be careful," he said.

Alex also revealed that Maple's father first asked him the definition of relationship when they met, and that he is happy to have passed the test and gained their trust.

As for Maple's previous involvement in the said Korean cult, which started when she was still a high school student in 2011, the singer said that she directedly admitted to him about it on the first day they met, which made him realise how special she is.

"I found that she has always been consistent with her words and deeds, and I have 100 percent trust in her," he added. "People may think her naive, but compared to others, she is stronger and braver. She is the first person to speak out."


Maple was one of the people speaking up against cult leader Jung Myung-Seok
Maple was one of the people speaking up against cult leader Jung Myung-Seok



Alex stands by his new girlfriend
Alex stands by his new girlfriend


(Photo Source: Alex Fong Instagram, Mingpao)