Albert Market & Food Centre stall owner called ‘’arrogant’’ by customer after refusing to sell kway chap without meat

A kwap chap stall owner at Albert Market & Food Centre stood firm about his opinions when it came to a customer’s special request. A recent incident emerged after a diner who requested for no meat or spared parts was declined by the stall owner, who then asked the customer to dine elsewhere. 

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Kway chap (rice noodles in broth) is a versatile dish that appeals to individuals for breakfast and supper. The noodles are often paired with braised items including meat, offals and tofu. Based on the number of people eating and the type of ingredient chosen, the price of the dish is calculated respectively. 

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The patron stated that in a previous visit to the very stall, the same order was accepted and he was charged the same price as a standard set meal that included meat — S$5. However, his attempt to order the same dishes at the same price was declined on the second visit. 

This time, the boss took a protective approach and declined the customer’s request to pay S$5, saying that it was not right. His customised meal had actually totalled up to S$4, and despite the customer being entirely willing to pay the full S$5, the boss explained that it would be hard to justify this exception to other customers.

The stall owner further elaborated that if he sold the kway chap set without meat at S$5, he was afraid that onlookers would think his kway chap was overpriced. While other kway chap stalls have sets that already do not contain meat, it is unfortunate that the customer came to one that simply did not.

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How many of us have asked our hawkers to specially customise a dish from their menu to suit our liking? At this juncture, I resonate with both parties’ perspectives on the matter. It is certainly challenging to confidently answer the question of who was at fault in this incident— or if anyone was at fault entirely.

It is regrettable that the 2 sides were unable to come to a consensus which resulted in an unpleasant experience for both parties. However, moving forward let us — both sellers and consumers — be understanding of each others’ concerns before turning a request into an ugly experience.

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