Alan Bersten Legit Isn't Speaking to Kaitlyn Bristowe After Those 'DWTS' Comments

alan bersten, kaitlyn bristowe
Alan Bersten Legit Won't Talk to Kaitlyn Bristowe Getty Images

Looks like Alan Bersten is giving Kaitlyn Bristowe the silent treatment after comments she made about him being a "dick" on Dancing With the Stars.

“Alan still won’t talk to me. He walked right past me on Dancing With the Stars,” Kaitlyn reportedly said on Cheryl Burke’s Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans podcast. “He won’t call me back, and I have profusely apologized on my podcast.”

Kaitlyn added, “I call them all dicks in the most loving way. I truly would want Alan as a partner if they ever did all-stars, because he is such a solid friend to me. We are so close."

To rewind quickly: Kaitlyn made her original comments about Alan while speculating about who Charity Lawson might get paired on DWTS. “He’s kind of a dick, but I can see it," she said. "Well, they’re all dicks. They’re all dicks, I’m telling you. Buckle up.” Kaitlyn also said that he's “crazy in the ballroom" and noted that "Alan would be an absolute nightmare, but it would be really, like, he would take you far."

Alan reacted to Kaitlyn's comments during an interview with Us Weekly, saying “First of all, I never danced with Kaitlyn, so I don’t know why that would even come up. I take a lot of pride in my work and I make sure that above all else, my partners feel comfortable and confident in themselves.”

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn clarified her comments on Instagram, saying “I can be a dick. We can all be dicks. Alan is one of my closest friends from the show. I have nothing but love and respect for him. I think it’s OK to be a dick and push people to believe in themselves and light a fire.”

Hope these two work it out!

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