AKIRA and Lin Chi-ling thankful for J SOUL BROTHERS' short film

4 Dec– Celebrity couple Akira and Lin Chi-ling recently took to social media to express their gratitude to Japanese band, J SOUL BROTHERS for inviting them to star in their new short film/music videos, "Winter Sky" and "White Wings".

As reported on Epoch Times, the EXILE member, who play lovers spanning across multiple universe alongside his Taiwanese actress wife in the two videos that were joined into a 25-minute long short film, stated that he feels blessed and thankful to the band for considering the two of them as the actors for their music video.

"Inspired by the "challenge to new expressions", I tried my best as a performer in the hope that I would be able to participate and add a touch to your work. "Winter Sky" and "White Wings", from the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS for everyone around the world is a "love letter". It is a work that will resonate with the hearts of many people. I sincerely hope," he wrote.

Lin expressed, "Thank you so much for giving us these two songs as gifts of love of three generations. This is my first collaboration with AKIRA in eight years. This is a story of how two people find each other across time and space."

She also stated that the songs lingered in her heart even after they finished filming the music videos.

"I hope that it will bring an immense sense of warmth to everybody," she added.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)