This Airport Was Just Named the Most Expensive in North America

Get ready to spend a bundle at San Diego International Airport.

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The airport experience isn't exactly one many people look forward to. It often includes some stressful periods getting checked in, through security, and finding your gate. And, let's not forget just how expensive snacks and a bottle of water can be at the airport — not to mention a full meal and a drink, which can truly break the bank. But some airports are way, way worse on your wallet than others, and is calling them out.

In April, the website unveiled its rankings for the most expensive airports in North America, after collecting price data for hotel stays, parking, and a pint of beer. Once it looked at all the information, it named San Diego International Airport (SAN) the most expensive airport in America.

According to the findings, accommodations, parking, and a beer would cost someone $574.46 on average at the airport. "Looking to bunk nearby? Be ready to splurge, with an average hotel rate of $529 per night, $265 more than the average. Parking? Well, it'll set you back $38, landing SAN in the top three for pricey parking spots," the findings revealed. "But fear not, beer lovers — your pre-flight beverage won't break the bank here, coming in at a modest $7.46."

Denver International Airport (DEN) came in second, with an average total for hotel, parking, and beer at $514.74. "It claims the second spot for the priciest airport hotels, ringing in at a hefty $477.33 per night. Need a parking spot? That’ll be $30 for the night. The good news? If you're fancying a frosty beverage before takeoff, you’ll be paying lower than the average, at $7.41 per beer."

Rounding out the top three is Nashville International Airport (BNA), which averages $449.24 for a hotel, parking, and a beer.

If, by some miracle, you get to choose which hotels to fly through on your next trip, you may want to choose San Jose International Airport (SJC), which ranked as the least expensive. Hotel prices here come in "at just $79, an impressive $152 less than the average," the findings noted. "Thirsty travelers will be pleased, with beers priced at $7.75, while parking spots go for $18. That brings the grand total to $105.08, which is a wallet-friendly $159.17 below the average across all airports."

Of course, you could always time your trip to the airport so you don't need a hotel, take public transit to your terminal, and skip a beer to save money, too. But where's the fun in that?

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