How to make air travel comfortable for your children?

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How to make air travel comfortable for your children?
How to make air travel comfortable for your children?

25 Sep 2021: How to make air travel comfortable for your children?

Flight journeys are not easy for babies and kids. Often, Plan-A and Plan-B are not sufficient. You perhaps have to go till Plan-Z to keep them comfortable on board planes. There is the air pressure problem, ear pain, and at times vertigo, which children might feel irritated about. While flight attendants are there to help, these tips will also help you in these situations.

Preferred slot: Booking an early morning flight is the best decision

We usually feel sleepy in the early morning and this applies to kids as well. Hence, it will be a smart decision to book a flight for the early hours of the morning so that the journey time gets consumed by sleeping. Try avoiding connecting flights and those requiring long waiting hours. This burdens you and your kids. Also, keep your tiny tot engaged.

Tips: Take care of seating arrangements and dressing

Never allow kids to sit on the aisle seat. They might accidentally throw the food pans which the air hostess carries or suddenly step on someone walking. Window seats are best for them as they will continue staring at the land below from higher altitudes and remain awed. Drape your kids or babies in easily removable dresses and use slip-ons over laced shoes.

Food: Avoid oily food, high-sugared items, heavy meal before journey

Kids might face the challenge of nausea during traveling, irrespective of the mode. So, avoid oily food, high-sugared ones, and a heavy meal before traveling. Allow their stomach to have some empty space. Also, buy food items that are a favorite for your kids during the travel. This will keep them glued to their seats. Do remember to take those food items with you.

End note: Check for ear issues in children before taking the flight

It is okay to give gadgets to your children during air travel. This will keep them hooked and they will not disturb co-passengers. Also give them drawing books, crayons, and ask them to draw. Keeping air pressure change in mind, check for ear issues in your children before taking the flight. Carry the required number of diapers and change them every hour. Happy traveling!

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