AirAsia launches food delivery in Singapore with 80 restaurants on board

(PHOTO: AirAsia)
(PHOTO: AirAsia)

SINGAPORE – Budget carrier AirAsia’s food delivery service, AirAsia food, begins its operation in Singapore on 2 March. Singapore is AirAsia food’s first foray into the overseas market after they launched in Malaysia in May 2020. As of now, 80 restaurants are featured on its food delivery platform, including Maki-san and No Signboard Seafood. About 300 other restaurants are in the process of being brought on board, AirAsia said.

According to AirAsia, at least 50% of Singaporeans are eating out every day, and the country had 2.7 million active online food delivery users in 2020.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group, said: “Our expansion into Singapore is a key milestone for AirAsia super app that has been Asean’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform since it was launched last year. We are thrilled to be a notable player in the food delivery scene in Singapore, the most vibrant market in the region, if not the world.”

In his media statement, Fernandes had also joked that he “can’t wait for the day I can fly down to do some deliveries myself.”

“We continue to welcome more F&B operators to join us, and AirAsia food will provide dedicated teams who will onboard merchants and enable them to go live within 48 hours with no registration or setup fees,” Lim Ben-Jie, AirAsia super app Head of e-Commerce, said.

Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia Group, poses with a rider. (PHOTO: AirAsia)
Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia Group, poses with a rider. (PHOTO: AirAsia)

While they did not say how much are the commissions for merchants and delivery partners, Lim shared that AirAsia food’s incentive scheme estimates “that delivery riders can earn up to SGD700 a week on average”. He added that this could present a “very viable option for most riders whose take-home income could have been impacted by the recent rise in petrol prices.”

With sights set on the Singapore food delivery market, Lim said, “Coupled with the lower commission rates for merchants and one of the most affordable delivery rates compared to market incumbents, we want to contribute positively towards the whole food delivery chain in Singapore and to further grow this segment.”

In conjunction with the official launch, AirAsia food is offering unlimited free delivery for a duration of two weeks, from 2 - 16 March 2021, for deliveries within 8km from the order point.

To place an order on AirAsia food, customers just need to download the AirAsia super app or access the AirAsia food website.

Merchants keen to be part of AirAsia food can fill up a form and wait for their agents to reach out to them, while delivery partners can sign up on Teleport.

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