A. Aida has no plan to cast Hafidz Roshdi in her projects



8 Mar - TV producer A. Aida recently stated that she will not cast Hafidz Roshdi in any of her projects, following allegations of infidelity and domestic violence against him, as reported on Harian Metro.

The producer, who spoke about the issue recently, stated that she made the decision after taking into account how the controversy affected the community and how it would affect her own project if she decided to cast Hafidz.

"If the audiences are affected by what had happened, it would not be good for my production company to choose to cast him, and because of that, I will not hire an actor like him," she said.

However, Aida stated that that doesn't mean that she will boycott the actor forever, and would always open her doors to him if Hafidz ever express regret for his actions.

Last week, Hafidz's ex-wife Nurul Shuhada accused him of hitting her on the face, following an argument regarding his attachment to the other woman, Athira Yuhada, of whom Shuhada said Hafidz was still in contact with despite Athira's previous public apology.

She ended up with 10 stitches to her left cheek, with family members revealing that Shuhada has already lodged a report to the police.


Hafidz Roshdi was accused of hitting ex-wife Nurul Shuhada
Hafidz Roshdi was accused of hitting ex-wife Nurul Shuhada


(Photo Source: A. Aida IG, Hafidz Roshdi IG)