Ahmad Idham to step down as FINAS CEO in early 2020

Ashraf Nasser
Ahmad Idham requested to be relieved of his duty as FINAS CEO earlier than planned due to personal reasons.

9 Dec – The request made by Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri, CEO of The National Film Development Corporation (FINAS), to shorten the length of his service as FINAS CEO has been approved by the FINAS board.

According to a press statement released by FINAS today, Ahmad Idham's contract will end on 10 March 2020.

The statement also reveals that the director, producer and actor has requested for his contract length to be shortened due to personal reasons.

FINAS extends its gratitude to Ahmad Idham for his contributions during his time as the CEO for FINAS and wishes him success in his future endeavours.

Previously, Ahmad Idham was blasted by fellow artistes and netizens when he suggested that the government controls or filters the contents of popular streaming service, Netflix.

(Photo source: Ahmad Idham's Instagram)