Afiq Muiz accuses estranged wife of infidelity

31 Mar – Unlike other actors facing divorce issues, Afiq Muiz is not taking the backlash lying down, as he took to social media to respond to comments criticising him for leaving wife Pachara Apin without divorcing her.

On 29 March, following news that his wife has filed for fasakh (dissolution of marriage) against him, the actor took to Instagram and wrote, "Still fasting. Can't believe that the devil is still around in the month of Ramadhan. Or maybe they're its followers."

In just several hours, his post was filled with comments from netizens, questioning him for his action against his wife, the latter who previously claimed to have been left without notice by him since 2021 and abused by the actor.

However, instead of locking the comment section, Afiq responded to them one by one, alleging that he left his wife due to her infidelity.

"It's not easy to make a decision when you were being cheated on. It is not easy to face the person who broke your heart," he responded to one commenter, who kindly asked him to let Pachara go.

However, Afiq was not as diplomatic towards other commenters, responding to one netizen who accused him of beating his wife that it was Pachara who left the house to see another man and returning home in a drunken state, and responded with profanity to another who called him a coward.

"After all the slanders she made against me, I decided that she is nobody to me. Plus, she has someone else," he said in another comment.

Earlier this week, Pachara arrived at the Petaling Lower Shariah Court for the hearing of her fasakh demand against her husband. Afiq was nowhere to be seen.

It is noted that she filed her fasakh against Afiq in October last year, more than a year after she filed a police report saying that the actor had slapped her in her face five times, and kicked her in the stomach.

Pachara was seen at the court for the fasakh hearing
Pachara was seen at the court for the fasakh hearing
The couple tied the knot back in 2019
The couple tied the knot back in 2019

(Photo Source: Afiq Muiz IG, Kosmo)