Afifah Nasir is now engaged to be married

27 Feb - One day after revealing that she has accepted her boyfriend's proposal, it was revealed that Afifah Nasir is now officially engaged to be married.

The news was shared by her own sister Nazira Nasir via Instagram with a video from the engagement ceremony on 25 February. In it, the actress can be seen wearing white, with a white rose clipped on her hair.

"My sister's Engagement!!!" she wrote. What a beautiful night, filled with love and laughter.

It was back on 24 February that Afifah revealed that she has said yes to boyfriend Syed Hariz's proposal with a photo from the special day.

"Ms. Afifah, if I may ask how would you like to be Mrs. Hariz this year?" #AfifahSyedYES," she posted in the caption.

Afifah shows her engagement ring
Afifah shows her engagement ring

(Photo Source: Afifah Nasir IG)