Affordable DIY Japanese curry rice bento sets from $5.80 with wide range of add-on fritters

Located in the bustling mall Fusionopolis in One North and catering to busy office crowds, KARE is your next go-to takeaway spot for DIY curry rice bento sets. Psst, read to the end of the article to get first dibs on their opening promotion deal!

Even with a variety of food options throughout the mall, KARE stands out with its Japanese-inspired deep fried fritters selection, unique bento sets and adorable bento packaging (my favourite part!).

KARE - Shop Front
Credit – KARE

Besides striving to offer delicious curry with a slew of ingredients to customise your own bento set, KARE also tries to keep prices affordable for customers. It is not very often that we can purchase Japanese curry rice bowls at such low prices today.

Their Basic Curry Rice Bento is competitively priced at S$5.80 nett!

KARE - Kare Box
Credit – KARE

To cater to locals’ preference for spicy food, the brand has added some spiciness into their curry to elevate its earthy flavours. By doing so, they hope to attract a larger clientele. 

What is Japanese curry without carrots and potatoes? Thankfully, a large serving of just that is added to the curry pot and stewed until soft and flavourful. Those with larger appetites may also choose to add on deep fried Japanese-inspired Side Dishes (S$1.60 – S$2).

Plus point, I can imagine dipping them into the curry gravy for added flavour!

kare - side dishes
Credit – KARE

Options that I would order for myself include their fluffy and soft Tamagoyaki (S$2), crunchy Chicken Karaage (S$1.80) and creamy Crab Cream Croquette (S$2).

Otherwise, diners may also choose the Chicken Yakitori (S$1.80), Breaded Prawn (S$1.60), Seafood Bomb (S$1.60) and many more. 

In line with their opening special promotion, KARE is selling their Japanese Curry rice with 3 skewers (any flavour) at only S$9.80. Now that is a deal that is well worth it; grab your kakis and head down for affordable Japanese bento sets before they sell out!

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