Afdlin Shauki admits to marrying anew

25 Sep – Afdlin Shauki recently admitted that he has married anew, more than a year after ending his marriage with wife Maria Christina Orow Abdullah.

The 52-year-old filmmaker, who spoke to the media recently, confirmed the news that he has tied the knot again, adding, "There is no need to know the date. What's important is that everything is well. Everything was done in August, which is why I had said that August is a meaningful month for me."

Afdlin also stressed that he is not too keen on talking about his personal life, just like when he was married to his former wife.

"If you see me with a woman, that's my wife. I am happy that my life is peaceful now. My wife also meets up with my children and we would have lunch or dinner together," he said.

Rumours of Afdlin marrying anew sparked as early as March, when he shared a photo of a woman during Ramadan.

Prior to his new marriage, he was married to Maria Christina since 1997 and have three children together, including actress Mia Sara.

Afdlin has three kids with his ex-wife
Afdlin has three kids with his ex-wife

(Photo Source: Afdlin Shauki IG)