Aeril Zafrel postpones acting to focus on business



4 Sep – Aeril Zafrel has dismissed the notion that he is no longer an actor, though admitted that he has been declining acting projects for the past year.

The actor, who recently won Celebrity of the Year by TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023, stated that he does miss being in front of the screen, but that he is too busy with his business as well as his TikTok career.

"When I think back to all the responsibilities that I have to shoulder, I have to prioritise the more important matters. I have 40 staff under me. It would be a headache if I leave them to go do other things," he said.

Aeril stated that despite the long hiatus, he has no plan to quit acting, seeing that that was how he started.

"Even if I get to a different level in life one day, I will remain an actor," he added.

As for acting work, the husband of former actress Wawa Zainal said that he would have to pick and choose his projects, including the type of work and the people he would be working with in the project.


Aeril and businesswoman wife Wawa Zainal
Aeril and businesswoman wife Wawa Zainal


(Photo Source: Aeril Zafrel IG)