Ady An makes first public appearance since baby's birth

16 Jan – Ady An recently emerged from her post-partum hiatus to support good friend Ailing Tai (also known as Princess Tai), who is set to hold her concert in May.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress who gave birth to her first son - nicknamed 66 - last July, seemed to have lost a lot of weight since then, appearing at the press conference in a short dress which she paired with knee-high brown boots.

When asked about her good friend's appearance, Tai expressed, "I am touched. Since the first concert until now - even as she became a mother - she still come to support me," she said.

She also revealed that their conversations nowadays revolve around the baby, to which Ady responded, "Why does everybody think about 66 more than me?"

"66 is just a baby. But you're always in my heart," said the singer.

Tai also admitted that seeing Ady and her baby made her want to have a baby of her own as well.

"But I haven't met anybody yet. I am looking for a soulmate. I don't mind a younger man, as long as they're not younger than me by more than five or six years," she said.

On the other hand, when asked how the two of them became best friends, Tai revealed that they got to know each other through their mutual buddy, the late actor An Jun-can.

"I still have his photo in my living room. Whenever I go out, I will ask him to give me his blessings," she added.

(Photo Source: Sina Cn)