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Adventure is a hot topic these days, and motorcycles have been an icon of American freedom for over a century. While many do not have the time or resources to explore the world, they tend to indulge in movies, documentaries, and periodicals that feature such stories. Adventure Motorcycle Magazine (ADVMoto) is the longest-running title giving adventure seekers of all types not only a taste of the experience but how to do it themselves.

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ADVMoto is an American magazine that started publication in 1999 and has been printing copies ever since. It can be termed as one of the pioneers of the adventure motorcycle-specific niche and continued publishing the topic even when mainstream Powersports media failed to recognize its passionate and long-standing community. Today, the idea of “adventure riding” is widely accepted.

The magazine’s title began in Southern California as a Kawasaki KLR650 newsletter. As the community grew, it went from a newsletter to a full magazine titled "Dual Sport News" in 1999. In August 2006, the name changed to "Adventure Motorcycle & Dual Sport News," which remained the publication's title until 2011. The 2008 economic crash pushed the title into a digital-only format under the same name until 2010, when the title changed hands to the current publisher Carl Parker. Carl Parker decided to return Adventure Motorcycle to print in 2011 under a completely new format and rebranded the title of ADVMoto Magazine, which also received its trademark that year as well as international newsstand distribution.

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ADVMoto Magazine has not confined itself to print media but has also expanded into digital content and multimedia. They also organize community events, sometimes called a “rally,” and work with several charities. The oldest is the Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) which creates mostly off-road routes across American states and regions for riders to explore. In addition to growing the adventure riding community, both BDR and ADVMoto share an interest in helping people understand American towns and cultures which were left behind when the interstate system was developed in the 1950s. Every year this project brings millions of dollars to often struggling small towns and communities across America.

An Adventure Seeker’s Paradise

Nominated as the finalist for AMA Media of the Year 2017, ADVMoto Magazine covers all the aspects of adventure and dual-sport bikes. Written by experienced writers who themselves are driven by a passion for new horizons, the magazine produces quality content with unique layouts. Its team of writers and editors include Paul H. Smith as Senior Editor, Alex Marsh as Web Editor, Kyra Sacdalan, and Justin Coffey as Managing Editors. Like many modern media companies, much work is done remotely by a team of people who work to develop and bring the best content to readers and viewers.

Since its inception, the magazine has garnered millions of print and digital readers worldwide. The creative team puts in great efforts to make each issue unique, and the emphasis on artwork shows. With attractive covers and inspiring community-driven content, the magazine has become iconic in the American motorcycle world and beyond. Over the years, ADVMoto Magazine collaborated with well-known stars like Ziggy Marley in 2011 for his Marley Africa Roadtrip. In addition to this, they have also had the fortune to work with some of the world's top rally racers such as Cyril Despres, Marc Coma, and American riders Ricky Brabec and Skyler Howes.

With its headquarters located in Fairfax, Virginia, ADVMoto Magazine understands that many traditional sections of magazine content have made their transition to digital platforms. As such, ADVMoto features a mixture of North American and International ride reports, how-to’s, gear reviews, and even a humorous comic. They want to show the excitement that lies in a reader's backyard and beyond is accessible to everyone. Publisher Carl Parker quotes: "The further we wander from the 'everyday normal,' the more we learn about ourselves and the world around us. To make it happen is a personal decision and a matter of determination. Often the biggest obstacle to achieving our dreams is ourselves."

ADVMoto Magazine aims to inspire, educate and empower everyday individuals to make their dreams come true. The pressures of modern living lead many to wonder if there is life beyond the cubicle and overwhelmingly negative mainstream media. They also feel media is an important facet of any industry and has become misused in the digital age. “Good media can and does have a tremendous impact on the world. It can illuminate, entertain, educate and inspire. When abused, it leaves us shrouded in mystery, divided, misinformed, and sometimes angry.

As a forward-looking company, the team at ADVMoto happily promotes the idea that getting out into the world, loosening up, and putting away the screens can be healthy for us mentally and physically. It preaches that humanity is beautiful and the world is still full of wonders waiting to be explored through hard work and sometimes hardships.

Aware that modern media demands constant innovation, ADVMoto has recently produced the world's first motorcycle adventure comic Far-Rider Adventures ( This comic depicts the story of a young man whose life turns upside down and who seeks to find himself through the adventure with the help of friends and family. To test their idea, they launched a Kickstarter on the project, which exceeded their goals and will soon be on national newsstands. The overwhelming response has made ADVMoto excited about their second Far-Rider Adventures book launch, which is due in 2022.

The company’s contributions to the growing adventure riding community and industry are notable. While helping adventurers out there explore the world in a better way, ADVMoto also sees the importance of supporting both the market and community in a healthy and organic manner. As long as people love adventure and seek new horizons, other readers and riders will find a home at ADVMoto.

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