Advice for Entrepreneurs From Founder of Nxtlvl Services Michael Walding

A lot of people want to be entrepreneurs. Working for yourself, owning your own business, or simply having the pride of knowing that you carved your own path is certainly an admirable goal. By making the right moves, it is also an achievable one. Michael Walding, Founder and CEO of Nxtlvl Services has successfully navigated this path and found great success. And he has some tips to help others do the same.

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First of all, it’s important to get an idea of what he has accomplished and how he went about it. Michael was not born into money or into the business world. By taking a chance and exploring something new, he learned the skills needed to become successful in eCommerce. He began studying the eCom business to find options for self-employment due to a time intensive career as a professional bodybuilder. The big shift, however, came from a desire to help his family. When his parents lost their business, Michael realized that he could help them.

With the decision to start an online business to support his parents as he had done for himself, Walding started his business, and it was an immediate success. His parents were able to retire comfortably, and he was on a journey to high-level success. People around him quickly took notice of his accomplishments and wanted to get involved. He eventually opened his doors to the public and business exploded. As the company grew, he created teams designed to maximize everyone’s strengths for the best results. His strategy paid off with over $40 Million sold on Amazon to date. What is the secret to his success? Michael has a few suggestions to make it as an entrepreneur.

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Focus on Helping Others

While the entrepreneur path is by nature focused on elevating one’s self, the path to success is about focusing on the needs of others. It’s the law of cause and effect. What you give you will receive. If you want return customers, you need to offer them solutions. Walding is in the business of helping other businesses succeed. He helps people to set up their own businesses on eCom platforms. This allows his clients to achieve success which in turn boosts his business. He only makes money when his clients do. This is a feature he admired from Marcus Lemonis, self made billionaire from the tv show, The Profit. Now he uses it in his company ensuring the success of others in order to achieve his success.

Identify Opportunities

Businesses fail because the people running them fail to identify and act on the right opportunities. The fact is that there are missed opportunities for growth every day. When the pandemic hit, businesses were struggling. It also revealed where entrepreneurs need to focus. eCommerce became more valuable than ever, and Walding noticed a sector that was being overlooked. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he introduced the first fully automated business solution for use on the Walmart platform allowing people a new way to earn passive income online. Thus, OneUp services was introduced. Now, as the largest Walmart full service ecommerce management company, he helps hundreds of people live the life of their dreams on a daily basis.

Be a Leader of a Team Instead of a Boss

No matter how high you climb, you are only as strong as those supporting you. Michael likes to remind entrepreneurs that a CEO should never be the smartest person in the room and that success comes from the effort of everyone on the team. A CEO is the captain of the ship. If you run a business, utilize, and respect the skills of everyone else involved. Even if you are a sole proprietor, you will find people along the way that are great resources. Build bonds, create connections, and show respect, and you will be well on your way to a successful career. A boss leads from the back, a leader leads from the front. Lead by example and others will follow through respect and not fear. This creates a great culture and keeps creativity flowing.