Adidas made a pair of “puke and beer repellent” sneakers, and they actually seem useful

Adidas made a pair of “puke and beer repellent” sneakers, and they actually seem useful
Adidas made a pair of “puke and beer repellent” sneakers, and they actually seem useful

In business, it’s important for brands to understand their markets and really know their customers, and once again, Adidas has shown that it always does its homework. Today, the brand released a new style of puke-and-beer repellant Adidas sneaker that’s specially designed to withstand Oktoberfest. Genius!

In an ad for the shoes, called the adidas München, they’re described as, “Made from the finest leather with DPBR coating.” Not sure what DPBR means? Oh, it’s Durable Puke & Beer Repellent, of course.

As if its collaborations with Alexander Wang weren’t enough, this new Oktoberfest line is proof that Adidas is the coolest shoe brand ever.

The Oktoberfest theme doesn’t end with the sneaker’s preventive DPBR coating, though.

The outside of the shoe has a design that resembles classic lederhosen, and inside, the shoe looks a like red-and-white Oktoberfest tablecloth. The shoes’ ad says the pattern adds “that special alpine flavor.” Yum.

While it’s unclear exactly what makes the shoes DPBR, it is certainly a technological advance that will come in handy for any beer drinker and serial party attender. Nobody wants to have their feet puked or spilled upon, but it’s also exciting that we can now prevent our shoes from being ruined if it happens.

But there’s more! The shoes also have PROST embossed on them in gold, which means “Cheers” in German. And, if that’s not Oktoberfest-y enough for you, the shoes are also made in Germany, where beer spillage — and puking — are likely prevalent throughout late September/early October.

Unable to make it to Germany for Oktoberfest this year? That’s okay, because the shoes, which cost $240, can be shipped to the U.S., and the fall is a pretty important time for beer and gaiety here, too.

With all the back-to-school keggers and, of course, the U.S.’s own less-authentic, more-ignorant Oktoberfest parties on your to-do list, having shoes that look great even after being spilled (or puked) upon would be great to have here, too.

While authentic Oktoberfest celebrations might be hard to come by in the U.S., beer drinking and subsequent puking happen everywhere. In fact, those activities might be what unites the world, so it really it makes sense that Adidas decided to create a shoe to make it easier for everyone to partake in Oktoberfest events.

Perhaps Adidas’ new shoe line will solve global issues and beer-and-puke-drenched foot issues. Prost to that!