Adason Lo denies being the owner of abandoned trophy

12 Feb – The mystery of the abandoned trophy has attracted netizens and media alike to probe further into the issue, with some now pointing the finger at singer Adason Lo.

As reported on Sina, the abandoned trophy story went viral after DJ Colin shared on Instagram that he saw a 2013 Metro Radio Hit Awards accolade in a pile of old shoes on a street in North Point.

Since the award was for the Best Breakthrough Performance, all eyes turned to the five winners of the aforementioned year.

It is noted that both Lung Siu Kwan and Denis Ng have denied it belonged to them, with Lung sharing a photo of the said accolade online, while Denis revealed that it has been stored in the warehouse since he moved to Canada.

Both Shiga Lin and Rainky Wai also recently denied it was theirs, saying that their management company are keeping the trophies for them.

Now all eyes are on Adason Lo, whose recent answer about his trophy did not satisfy netizens.

Without sharing any proof that his trophy is with him, the singer denied that the discarded accolade has anything to do with him.

"I did, however, had a moment of suspicion that it was me," he said, jokingly.

Netizens who saw the interview stated that Adason's answer was a bit ambiguous and are now getting more convinced that it was the singer's accolade all along.

(Photo Source: Sing Tao Daily)