Abby Abadi assures she is fine amid 18-year-old daughter's scandal



14 Sep – Abby Abadi recently assured that she is doing fine, amid the scandal surrounding her 18-year-old daughter Marissa, who was accused of being the third party in someone else's marriage.

The singer, real name Arbaiyah Abdul Manan, took to Instagram Story to express herself, saying, "I am not in a fragile state. I am fine. As long as we are still alive, we will continue to be tested. Being tested means that Allah cares."

"Just take care of yourself, and continue to pray. Take care of Allah's rights," she added.

She also thanked husband Muhammad Faizal Zakaria, whom she said to have continued to be a great support to the family as they face such a trial.

At the same time, Abby warns of people taking advantage of the situation to create fake accounts bearing her and her children's names. She added that these fake accounts have now become a platform for others to slam her and her children.

It was earlier this month that a woman went on social media to accuse Marissa Dania, the daughter of Abby and former husband Norman Hakim of being a homewrecker, saying that Marissa has been having an affair with her husband.


Marissa is Abby's daughter with ex-husband Norman Hakim
Marissa is Abby's daughter with ex-husband Norman Hakim


(Photo Source: Marissa Dania IG, Myartis FB)