Aaron Lai remembers nothing about his accident

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

28 Feb – Taiwanese actor Aaron Lai recently assured everyone that he is doing well now, after a recent revelation about his months of hospitalisation.

As reported on SETN, the actor recently shared a photo of him at the hospital to thank the medical workers who took care of him during his five months hiatus - following a serious accident at the end of September last year.

When asked about it, he stated that his condition was so serious at the time that the doctors even told him that he almost didn't make it.

Asked how the accident occurred, Aaron smiled bitterly and confessed that even he has forgotten the details.

"I was on my bicycle on the way to the gym, and the last thing I remembered was stopping at the traffic light. After regaining my consciousness after 12 days, I still can't remember what actually happened and had to ask my relatives and friends," he said.

However, Aaron said that he is fortunate to not have remembered anything as it means that he could not be traumatised by it.

"There's the saying "once bitten twice shy". Fortunately, I didn't remember anything, so it's fine," he added.

However, the actor stated that his immune system has been affected by the accident, and he is also suffering from various pains.

"My spleen had to be removed, I had broken ribs, and there are five scars of about 20cm in length on both sides. I also have titanium plates inserted to treat my broken ribs, so now I am worried that door sensors will beep whenever I go to the mall," he said with a laugh.

According to Aaron's management, Frigga Entertainment, the actor was hit by a minibus on his way to the gym, which left him with a ruptured spleen, brain hemorrhage, broken ribs and a collapsed lung, as well as multiple skin abrasions.

(Photo Source: Aaron Lai Instagram)