9 Classic Home Features

From post-modern spaces, terracotta pinks to terrazzo, there’s always some new exciting trend just around the corner! We know you’d be sorely tempted to try it out for your home. But, with home renovation being a huge (and costly) commitment, are you sure this is something that you’d want?

So, put your time and money where it counts – we’ll teach you how to stretch your renovation dollar and make your home work for the long haul with these 9 classic styles that’ll still look stylish, even two decades in.

1. Monochromatic Palette

Interior Firm: Dan’s Workshop

Timeless, visually attractive that works with all sorts of interior themes, a monochromatic palette exudes a classic, sophisticated look all around. Play around with a stark, black and white scheme or soften the look with greys in between, this theme remains ever popular thanks to its gender-neutral look.

Interior Firm: Homies Design

A monochromatic home is also a breeze to decorate - say goodbye to colour coordinate headaches! Plus, it instantly adds a sharp, chic flair to any space.

2. Neutrals

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

Neutrals are a classic crowd pleaser that doesn’t just work as a great backdrop but are an equally timeless highlight in any space. With soft beiges, creams, taupes and dove greystones, it’s no wonder why neutral hues are seeing a spike in popularity too. Check out desert-style terracotta hues that have taken over Pinterest boards, to Delux’s 2019 Colour of the Year, Spiced Honey.

Interior Firm: Charlotte’s Carpentry

Neutral hues are a classic choice simply because of its easy-going nature. They make an amazing base for building up textures and patterns and are easy to work with for the odd pop of colour. Don’t forget that neutral hues carry a refined appeal that might increase the value of your property!

3. Navy

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

If dark blacks are too sombre and dull for your tastes, navy blue is a great alternative! Something elegant that still brings a hint of colour, navy blue is the alternative choice that’s just as adaptable to various interior themes.

Interior Firm: Hall Interiors

Navy blue will always remain classy, even when the hype is over. The colour matches beautifully with all sorts of metallics, including brass, coppers, golds and silvers.

4. Marble

Interior Firm: Voila

With its distinctive patina and colouring, marble is a prized material that has been synonymous with luxury. Whether it’s a classic Carrara finish or a dramatic inky black, Nero Marquina slab, marbles are incredibly versatile and are able to work with all sorts of styles (be it ornate features or minimalist spaces) for a touch of opulence.

Interior Firm: Fuse Concept

In order for real marble pieces to be well-maintained, they require particular care and maintenance for it to last the years. If you’re looking for an alternative without the fuss, many alternatives like marble-effect tiles, laminates and stones offer a highly-realistic, cost-friendly look.

5. Metallics and Mirrors

Interior Firm: Versaform

Hints of gleaming metallic accents or reflective mirrored surfaces are a welcome highlight that can help to visually lighten and widen spaces.

Interior Firm: Summerhaus D'zign

Try not to go overboard with the glitz! Keep it simple by focusing the glitz on one or two areas, or go minimal with metallic decorative objects or small fixtures (like handles).

6. White-Washed Spaces

Interior Firm: Third Avenue Studio

On the flipside, going completely devoid of any colour can be equally attractive. An all-white scheme makes for a bright, spacious look that’s always welcomed in compact spaces.

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

That being said, it’s a fine line between being minimalist and bare. To make up for the lack of hues, add textures such as tile patterns or carpentry details to give your home a ‘finished’ look. Or, add hints of colour in accessories and artwork for a fun, whimsical touch.

7. Designer Furniture

Interior Firm: akiHAUS

Designer pieces like the Noguchi Table, Wishbone Chair or Louis Ghost chairs have stood the test of time, continually incorporated in homes thanks to their enduring style.

Interior Firm: Minutiae

Being incredibly versatile, they can weave in and stand out in any interior. The best part? Quality, real deals often come with decade-long warranties, making them a worthy investment that’ll go the distance.

8. Indoor Greenery

Interior Firm: Aiden-T

Adding a touch of nature into our private spaces has always been commonplace. It is definitely the best way to give homes a vibrant, refreshing look. Plants add texture and a welcome pop of colour, even in plain, dull areas. Plus, they work well with all décor styles!

Credit: @Houseofchais

9. Natural Wood

Interior Firm: Charlotte’s Carpentry

An essential element in interior design and architecture, neutral, natural woods will never fall out of favour. From rustic countryside glamour to sleek, Japanese minimalism, timbered finishes have the ability to pull them off without looking too over the top.

Interior Firm: Swiss Interior Design

Pay particular attention to the graining and undertone of each wood finish. For example, cool wood surfaces (like blond oak) pair well with similarly pale woods like ash or maple. Meanwhile, striking walnut with contrasting lines might match better with a plain white wall for a balanced look.

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