The 6ixs Rosti — Restaurant-standard rosti at Ghim Moh coffee shop officially closes

A few years ago, I was introduced to rosti, a delicious potato dish that originated in Switzerland. While it was usually priced rather expensively, The 6ixs Rosti was an affordable option serving restaurant-standard rosti in a coffee shop. Previously located in the Buona Vista neighbourhood, they officially closed on 31 Dec 2022.

The 6ixs Rosti was quite a new establishment that opened its doors in Sept 2019. With rosti priced around an average of S$10, the store served up a cheaper alternative as compared to bigger chains that priced them much higher. The official news came from their Facebook page, with a post on 6 Dec 2022 stating their official closure.

The 6ixs Rosti Singapore 12
The 6ixs Rosti Singapore 12

Like most Western stalls in Singapore coffee shops, they have a similar set up as they provide the same array of dishes in their menu. Think chicken chop with rosti instead of your usual German bratwurst! Quite an interesting combination, huh? The 6ixs Rosti created this combination by inculcating the local delights of Western dishes, with the niche item of rosti!

The 6ixs Rosti Singapore
The 6ixs Rosti Singapore
The 6ixs Rosti 1

Now, for the main star of the show: the glorious golden-brown crispy potato strips cooked in a circular shape. The Rosti with Beef Cubes (S$13) features luxurious cuts of meat seasoned to perfection. It’s garnished with coleslaw and sour cream, which pairs nicely with the warm and moist potato strips inside.

Initially, if people see a rosti shop in a coffee shop, some might be skeptical to try it out. But those that gave it a chance converted themselves to become usual regulars. Then, the loyal customers started coming in.

The 6ixs Rosti 2

Aside from their signature rosti that they specialise in, they also have typical western stall spreads. The Grilled Chicken Chop has been infamous for its huge portion, making it super worth it considering it only costs S$8.50 with two sides.

Albeit its cheap prices when compared to restaurants, The 6ixs Rosti still failed to last in a coffee shop. One comment on a Facebook post that announced their closure also mentioned: “I think this type of cuisine not so suitable for coffee shop”. With that, it certainly begs the question: what types of F&B businesses are suitable for coffee shops and what aren’t?

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